AMTech: Lanscaping and Excavation

Landscaping and Excavation

The transformation of your outdoor space into somewhere you can enjoy may require a lot of work. We will be with you every step of the way, from conception through to completion. We take pride in creating beautiful places for families to spend their time.

When it comes to planning your outdoor features, we will visit your property and work with you to plan your pathways, steps, ponds, flowerbeds and patios. We will also plan any road access and shoreline work at the same time. We have worked with most of our customers over a period of many years as we improve and extend their properties.

Many techniques are employed due to the variety of work that we do from removing trees and stumps, to excavating and shaping ground, to building rock walls for level and terraced ground. Wherever your imagination wants to take you, we will try to get you there.

Rock is an essential feature of our work and is used to structure and hold the ground for the various features of your design. We build using high-quality local materials and hand-tailor the rock, if necessary, to ensure premium quality results.

Due to our experience in renovating outdoor environments, we can inspire, advise, and use our imagination to help you design your ideal landscaped outside setting. We take pride in always going the extra mile to ensure that our own standards of quality and durability are achieved.



landscape 1 Before landscape 1 After

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landscape 2 Before landscape 2 After

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landscape 3 Before landscape 3 After

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